We need you to take action today to prevent the extension of the Rother Valley Steam Railway.


Robertsbridge Village

The impact on the village of Robertsbridge will be significant if the extension of the Rother Valley Railway goes ahead.


There are no plans to provide extra parking for users of the steam railway in Robertsbridge.

This will result in the already busy high street and residential roads becoming a car park for tourists.

It will prevent passing locals from being able to stop and use local businesses.

Flood Plains

The flood defences protecting the homes and businesses in the Robertsbridge flood plains are untested.

It is unknown how construction work for the planned extension will affect the risk of flooding.

It is known that global warming, from excess carbon emissions increases the risk of flooding.

Traffic jams

The increase in traffic from visitors combined with the level crossings will greatly affect local residents.

The crossings won't be down before 9am or after 5pm in order to not affect the normal commuting times. However, school runs will be affected, as will part time workers, shift workers, health workers and carers.

History and Archaeology

Robertsbridge is home to several sites of historical importance.

This includes two scheduled ancient monuments: The Site of Robertsbridge Abbey and the Bowl Barrow in Wellhead Wood.

There is a risk that these sites would be disturbed and any, as of yet, undiscovered archaeological sites could be negatively affected.