We need you to take action today to prevent the extension of the Rother Valley Steam Railway.


RVR Extension Plans

Rother Valley Railway intend on extending an existing steam railway to the village of Robertsbridge in East Sussex.

The railway has a long history. Originally they wanted to build it from Hastings to Tenterden, and the government of the time in effect made them go from Robertsbridge.

The line has never been financially viable, only the very skilful management by Col. Stevens enabled it to run at all, for quite a long time they used a motor rail car, as they couldn't afford to run a steam engine.

Once it was nationalised after the war, it only lasted for about 10 years for passenger traffic and was shut long before Dr. Beeching made his cuts.

The track bed no longer exists, so the proposed extension is a new railway, not a reinstatement, as argued by RVR.

To complete the extension RVR need  the compulsory purchase of productive farmland from local families, destruction of pristine countryside and a level crossing across the A21.

The railway will be a tourist attraction, not an essential mode of transport, operating outside of commuting hours.

The inconvenience to local residents and businesses and A21 users, along with the environmental damage and the unprecedented stress to the families facing the compulsory purchase orders for an unnecessary business extension is unwarranted.

We need you to voice your objections today.

Please click the link below to read the plans in detail. Please note that many of the supporting documents are considered to be incomplete or inadequate by the legal teams representing the landowners.


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